Every little - act of kindness - helps

23rd May 2020
This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, an apt week for the ongoing lockdown, with our uncerta...

Public Health Wales Precarious Employment Survey 2020: Adapting research methodologies in light of COVID-19

18th May 2020
Recent years have seen major changes in employment trends, with reductions in permanent employmen...

Researching SEND services in Cumbria

13th May 2020
M·E·L Research has just completed a comprehensive research project into the experience of the p...

Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on Tenants

1st May 2020
COVID-19 will have a profound impact on customers, tenants, shared owners and leaseholders as wel...

Understanding the health and wellbeing needs of your employees

29th April 2020
Understanding the mental health and wellbeing needs of your employees and volunteers will be vita...

STAR Surveys with the human touch

27th April 2020
Listening to the voices of residents has never been more important for landlords and housing prov...

Giving employees a voice during these challenging times via Rapid Employee Pulse Opinion Survey (REPOS): Our response to COVID-19: Giving something back – we are here to help.

15th April 2020
Right now, more than ever, employees want to remain connected and be heard.

COVID-19 Statement: Helping you with your research insight needs during COVID-19

18th March 2020
M·E·L Research are passionate about supporting our customers through both good and challenging ...

We are Plus Dane’s customer research partner

12th March 2020
This month we start hearing from a cross-section of Plus Dane residents about their customer expe...

Recruiting for a Research Executive & Senior Research Executive

4th March 2020
As part of our ambitious plans for growth, we are looking to bring in a Research Executive and a ...