Housing & Development

For more than a generation, UK housing policy has been adrift. Huge structural imbalances are now coming to light. Governments of all colours have struggled to get on top of an effective policy response both to the provision of new and affordable home ownership, and an effective format for social housing that meets needs while reducing welfare dependency. Filling the gap is the rapidly growing but poorly understood private rented sector – a field in which M·E·L Research is growing as a leading expert.


We have a wealth of experience in undertaking STAR and transactional surveys and provide a high quality service to clients, with the ability to cater for telephone and postal methodologies, which are delivered by our in-house field and data team. Over the past few years, we have worked with over 70 housing clients on a wide range of STAR and transactional surveys projects.

We are also one of the country's leading consultation experts on private rented sector licensing (both selective and additional proposals) - having worked with a number of London Boroughs and other local authorities across England. We can help you with your duty to consult on schemes you may be considering in your local area (click for more info).

We believe that a new angle is needed in housing research and consultancy services, to take the sector forward. Increasingly, we are centring our specialist expertise on niche requirements of the more hybridised parts of the sector and can help ambitious organisations with their specific research and evaluation requirements.

Housing and older people’s care services are being progressively integrated alongside NHS, voluntary sector and local authority care provision – we are engaged in reviewing many innovative trials testing the effectiveness of this.
Another longstanding dimension is the role that multi-tenure housing can play in neighbourhood development. This covers the public engagement and consultation involved in Neighbourhood Planning, and the area-based regeneration potential of housing as a catalyst for wider social and community development.