Health & Wellbeing

A rapidly evolving part of M·E·L Research’s business portfolio covers the complex and inter-twined fields of public health, primary and social care, and community wellbeing. The NHS Forward View has laid out some broad guidelines to focus local priorities to 2020. It sets a major shift away from a treatment-centred NHS, towards a preventive service in which many different agencies are engaged, within and beyond the NHS. Area-based integration is envisaged through the Sustainability and Transformation Plans.

Increasingly, CCGs and healthcare providers need to assess and evaluate innovative preventive interventions – through the National Diabetes Prevention Programme for example. More and more, it is evident that healthy behaviours and preventive behaviour change cannot overcome the main health inequalities without a wider attempt to address life course challenges. Schemes such as the Local Area Coordinator model are seeking to drive into this social dimension. M·E·L Research has been engaged in evaluating these steps and undertaking Social Impact Analysis including SROI in localities to judge the merits.


Local commissioners and health providers still require a strong evidence base on healthy lifestyles and wider mental and community wellbeing measures. M·E·L Research is a leading UK supplier of the intelligence gained form healthy lifestyle surveys, drawing on experience going back to the origins of these surveys in the 1990s.