Leicestershire Local Area Coordination Evaluation


In 2015 M·E·L Research was commissioned by Leicestershire County Council’s Public Health Team to carry out a one year evaluation of a Local Area Coordination (LAC) Pilot, being delivered in 10 local areas within four Districts, by a team of eight Coordinators. The main evaluation aims were to evaluate delivery, effectiveness and impact of LAC to inform future development and potential roll-out.

LAC is a non-traditional, community-based intervention shaped around Assets Based Community Development approaches, which works with vulnerable beneficiaries who often have a range of complex challenges, to help them achieve their vision of ‘a good life’. LAC’s aim is to increase individual and community capacity and reduce demand for costly primary, acute, and other public services. LAC is designed to have an impact on: Individuals, Community, and Health and Care Integration.


Our evaluation was mixed-method comprising the following elements:

  • Familiarisation and rapid evidence review to build on learning
  • Design of an Evaluation Framework informed by HM Treasury’s Magenta Book
  • Consultation with the LAC Team and LAC Leadership Group
  • LAC activity snapshot data collection at four data points, via LAC Coordinators
  • Qualitative thematic analysis of LAC ‘Outcome STARs’
  • Quantitative analysis of numerical data within the ‘Outcome STARs’
  • Qualitative consultation with LAC beneficiaries
  • Attendance at LAC celebration events, and consultation with partners and community organisations
  • Production of InSite CACI Acorn maps of the LAC areas for selected variables, in order to highlight hotspots
  • A Forecast Social Return on Investment.


We provided four updates on our evaluation findings over time (moving from formative to summative) in order to iteratively feed into LAC’s continuous development. We synthesised and triangulated the evaluation evidence around the Evaluation Framework and our final report included our recommendations to inform the developing business case for potential roll-out of LAC.