We specialise in social research and behaviour change. Our aim is to use research and evaluation to help clients gain clear insight into views, behaviours and the effectiveness of services. Whether it is to help them deliver better services, change user behaviour or see what impact their service is having. We offer a full service range of research methods, from quantitative to qualitative, evaluations and more technical products such as waste analysis.


We approach our work in 3 principal stages: measurement, evaluation and learning, which gives clients the greatest insight and the best value for money. As an MRS Company Partner, we follow strict guidelines on quality and ethics and ensure that we provide a high quality service for clients and those we interview. We do this through our own in house fieldwork teams – a face to face field team, a telephone interview(CATI) team, a data entry team and a waste analysis field team. This allows us to follow keep firm control over the quality of our work and ensure we provide reliable and trustworthy results to clients. Our experienced team of consultants come from a range of backgrounds and provide clients with practical, well thought out evaluation and learning from the results.

Quantitative Research

We have over 30 years’ experience in running quantitative research studies for a range of public services clients; from residents consultations to health and wellbeing studies to Survey of Tenants And Residents (STAR) projects amongst others.

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Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is all about gathering rich, detailed understanding and insight, that is often difficult to do through surveys and questionnaires. It allows us to research more complex issues and understand why people think and behave in the way they do.

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Evaluation is a key part of our business name and we apply rigorous, but practical evaluation techniques to help clients assess the impact and outcome of their project or programme; to determine what works and what doesn’t, why it works and how it can work more effectively.

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Waste Analysis and Participation Monitoring

We are the UK's leading provider of municipal waste compositional analysis, having over 30 years’ experience of delivering a varied suite of compositional projects. We work across the UK for local authorities, waste management and other organisations requiring waste analysis services.

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Behavioural Insights and Communications

Back in 2003, we pioneered the first major household waste behaviour change campaign in the UK - 'Don't let Devon go to waste'. Since then, householders waste and recycling behaviours have become more of a household norm. Our key focus is using targeted techniques to generate individual and household behaviour change and understand which key groups to target with what messages, that will make a real difference.

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Mapping and Segmentation

Using mapped data to highlight areas of service need, target communications and behaviour change, and prioritise services, has become a very powerful tool over the past few years. We are one of only a few research companies who are licensed users of CACI's InSite as our main Geographical Information System and it has been designed specifically for us by CACI, giving us access to addresses across the UK, Census data, ACORN data and other datasets, allowing us to map results by different geographies.

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Other Research Services

Alongside our primary research and technical services, M·E·L Research is able to provide a number of other research support services to help clients build their evidence base. These include evaluation advice and support, analysis and statistical advice, along with panel and survey recruitment services.

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