Other Research Services

Alongside our primary research and technical services, M·E·L Research is able to provide a number of other research support services to help clients build their evidence base. These include evaluation advice and support, analysis and statistical advice, along with panel and survey recruitment services.


Evaluation advice and support
With human resource stretched and budgets cut, clients are often asked to add new portfolios of work to their already large workload. Evaluation is one of these areas. We can help advise you a range of evaluation issues, such as creating evaluation frameworks, knowing what monitoring data to collect and how to use it, undertaking interviews with stakeholders and beneficiaries or how to undertake return on investment.


Analysis and Statistical Advice
Advice on sampling, sample design, error bands and confidence intervals can be obtained from our social statisticians. It is not always easy to decide on the right analytical technique - using parametric or non-parametric tests? Significance testing? Multivariate analysis to create segments, group data and identify key drivers? We can advise or perform these routines on your in-house data.


Panel and survey recruitment services
Through the wide social and ethnic diversity of our in-house FAD team, we are able to recruit the correct target groups to attend a research session or join a panel - either through on street, telephone or postal methods.  All candidates are validated and then they receive a reminder telephone call 24 hours before the session is due to commence.


We are also highly effective at accessing social groups who tend to engage least with conventional social research. We use our creativity, insight and persistence to recruit participants who might appear to be 'out of reach'.  All of our recruitment work is carried out to the same standards as our quantitative interviewing, working to strict MRS guidelines and the code of conduct.


For more information about our services, contact David Chong Ping on 0121 604 4664 or email david.chongping@melresearch.co.uk.