Mapping and Segmentation

Using mapped data to highlight areas of service need, target communications and behaviour change, and prioritise services, has become a very powerful tool over the past few years. We are one of only a few research companies who are licensed users of CACI's InSite as our main Geographical Information System and it has been designed specifically for us by CACI, giving us access to addresses across the UK, Census data, ACORN data and other datasets, allowing us to map results by different geographies.


More and more data outputs are being presented on geographical maps, rather than as data tables. These show at a glance where issues occur and where action needs to be taken. To help reduce costs, interventions can be targeted at specific target populations or areas, rather than as blanket coverage. Maps are also a visual way of getting information across to residents, elected members and non-technical audiences.


It is also a very powerful tool in social marketing and can pinpoint other areas possessing similar geodemographic characteristics to predict similar behaviours amongst residents or customers and therefore allow clients to target similar groups.


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