Evaluation is a key part of our business name and we apply rigorous, but practical evaluation techniques to help clients assess the impact and outcome of their project or programme; to determine what works and what doesn’t, why it works and how it can work more effectively.


We offer both summative and formative evaluations. Summative evaluation, (also called impact evaluation), deals in determining the effects or results arising from an intervention, while formative evaluation (also called process evaluation), is concerned with 'what works'; how, why and under what circumstances.


We are also able to determine other evaluation parameters and measures, such as value for money, return on investment/cost benefit analysis and social return on investment. Working with robust data from our rigorous research capabilities, we provide clients with trusted and reliable evaluations. This helps them to make important decisions on future spend and resources as well as providing supporting evidence for any existing or potential funding applications.


For more information about our services, contact Adam Knight-Markiegi on 0121 604 4664 or email adam.knight-markiegi@melresearch.co.uk.