We work across a wide range of public service areas. For further information on our key sectors, please click on the links below.

Health & Wellbeing

A rapidly evolving part of M·E·L Research’s business portfolio covers the complex and inter-twined fields of public health, primary and social care, and community wellbeing. The NHS Forward View has laid out some broad guidelines to focus local priorities to 2020. It sets a major shift away from a treatment-centred NHS, towards a preventive service in which many different agencies are engaged, within and beyond the NHS. Area-based integration is envisaged through the Sustainability and Transformation Plans.

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Waste & Resources

M·E·L Research is the national market leader in analysing municipal waste and understanding household waste behaviour. Our founder Directors were the first to prove the link between households’ consumer behaviour and environmental attitudes; the waste they generate; and their likelihood to recycle.

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Environmental issues have never been far off the headlines since M·E·L Research started life over 30 years ago, as a niche environmental consultancy practice. Nowadays, our work centres more specifically on the topics of local environmental quality, sustainability, and energy consumption behaviour change.

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Housing & Development

For more than a generation, UK housing policy has been adrift. Huge structural imbalances are now coming to light. Governments of all colours have struggled to get on top of an effective policy response both to the provision of new and affordable home ownership, and an effective format for social housing that meets needs while reducing welfare dependency. Filling the gap is the rapidly growing but poorly understood private rented sector – a field in which M·E·L Research is growing as a leading expert.

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Local government services

Local authorities are unique public service agencies in having a democratic mandate. Despite unprecedented budget pressures, and a complete change in base funding, away from the central government revenue support and towards business rates and local charges, the sector remains undiminished in the public eye.

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Policing & Community Resilience

Safer neighbourhoods are crucial in making sure people feel they live in areas with a high local quality of life. Despite financial pressures, the policing services remain central to achieving this, and M·E·L Research remains in the forefront of the nation’s research expertise in this area. Policing confidence and victim satisfaction surveys are central to the services we provide through our status on the national research framework.

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