Policing & Community Resilience

Safer neighbourhoods are crucial in making sure people feel they live in areas with a high local quality of life. Despite financial pressures, the policing services remain central to achieving this, and M·E·L Research remains in the forefront of the nation’s research expertise in this area. Policing confidence and victim satisfaction surveys are central to the services we provide through our status on the national research framework.


Self-help, and the capacity of local community organisations in tacking threats to community cohesion, are growing fields of public policy. Measures for developing community resilience stretch much further than the contentious measures for combating violent extremism.


Asset-based interventions that seek to build the strength and role of community and voluntary organisations are increasingly being developed and tested. M·E·L Research has a lifetime of experience in area-based regeneration on which to draw, in reviewing these schemes and evaluating their impact on anti-social behaviour.


As with our healthcare work, the use of social impact assessment and SROI are key to this, working alongside our social enterprise partner agency, the Centre for Community Research (CfCR).