Employee experience

Our vision is to make a positive difference to organisations, employees, customers and wider society.  This forms the ‘bedrock’ and ‘cornerstone’ of our purpose. It is why we do the work we do.  Understanding people and providing employees a voice is critical to business success and helping to deliver great services to customers, service users, residents and the wider community, especially the vulnerable. Our employee experience solutions are therefore designed to provide organisations with a clear understanding of employee’s experiences (both strengths and areas for improvement), an assessment of levels of employee engagement and what is driving and shaping such opinions. We present results in a clear and engaging way that helps to explain the strategic narrative and story from which to derive recommendations and finally calls to action (action planning).



M·E·L Research are a human centric organisation where people come first and where technology is seen as an enabler to achieve the end goal.  As a boutique research and insights consultancy, our ways of working ensure we work collaboratively with our clients to provide tailored and bespoke solutions that provide deep understand and clear insights on what factors are driving employee engagement and shaping employee experiences. We provide solutions to the public sector (local government, regulators and national government), housing associations, charities/third sector and the private sector.

We offer a range of solutions ranging from large scale annual employee experience surveys through to pulse projects and solutions that measure the entire employee journey cycle.

Our philosophy is to offer bespoke and tailored solutions rather than a one size fits all approach.  We believe in taking the time to understand your organisation so we can develop solutions that resonate and connect with your employees and the leadership team. Ultimately, we enable organisations to be more successful and deliver better services for their customers by helping them to understand employee experience and how the sum of these experiences results in differing levels of employee engagement, which in turn impacts on business performance.

Ultimately we see our work is to provide, although not limited to, a clear assessment of:

  • Employee experiences of working at an organisation and what issues are shaping employee opinion
  • What is the culture of the organisation and how well embedded is the organisations vision, mission and values?
  • What factors are driving employee engagement and what actions are necessary to improve employee engagement and organizational priorities?
  • What needs to improve and why to have the greatest positive impact on the organisation?
  • Diagnostic feedback on how well ways of working, systems, processes and policies are performing?

Our team of experts can guide you through the whole process seamlessly, always ensuring what is designed is closely aligned to the strategic needs and priorities of your organisation. We meticulously ask the right questions, ensuring that each metric has a clear purpose and is designed with the end objective in mind. Our insight analysis, key recommendations, action planning and stakeholder activation sessions help to embed the findings so that employee surveys move from being simply transactional to transformational.

M·E·L- 8: Most of our main and pulse surveys tend to incorporate metrics from our 8 thematic areas, ranging from Leadership through to Health and Wellbeing.  These can in turn help to create your employee engagement model/index.


We use a range of tools to enrich our service offer to our clients including:



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