Customer experience

Customer and employee centric organisations whether they are a private sector enterprise, or a public or voluntary organisation tend to outperform their peers on a range of metrics whether its efficiency, customer satisfaction, recommendation, reputation, sales, profitability and so forth. Each customer/service user can have different expectations, needs and priorities. M·E·L Research can provide a range of solutions to help you understand the needs of customers, measure their experiences and help with the development of your customer experience measurement programmes – voice of the customer (VOC).

Here at M·E·L Research we have extensive experience in helping organisations, especially within the housing, local and national government, health, regulatory, environmental and voluntary sectors understand their customers' needs, measure satisfaction and identify priorities for improvement. We look to elicit customers/users’ motivations, lifestyles, attitudes and preferences – what is most important to them.  We use statistical techniques such as key analysis to help understand what is driving opinions and where appropriate apply behavioural insights techniques such as the COM-B model and Behaviour Change Wheel to help enrich customer insight data.

As a boutique research and behavioural insights agency we offer bespoke and tailored approaches that are based on a detailed understanding of your organisation, your strategic priorities and pressure/pain points.  We do not offer ‘plug in and play’ solutions based on ‘off the shelf’ packages. We craft and ask the right questions to best inform you organisation going forwards.

Using the latest survey platforms and active visual dashboards, including bespoke PowerBI solutions, we create insight workflows that not only inform senior leaders on current performance but cascade insights down to the front line, enabling empowered managers to make decisions quickly for the benefit of their customers/users.  Our philosophy is to ensure that customer insight measurement is transformational and not simply transactional.  Service recovery loops quickly provide managers the insights to both address customer feedback in a holistic manner as well as helping to tackle any issues highlighted through aspects of the customers journey, via moments of truth or transactional surveys.

We deliver a range of solutions that help to define or measure:

  • Customer experiences and perceptions related to: C-SAT, NPS/Friends and Family Test, Ease of Doing Business (BT-Easy), trust and feeling valued and emotional sentiment
  • Customer expectations and importance attached to different aspects of service
  • Define customer service, service standards and service quality
  • Gaps between expectations and perceptions and service quality
  • The tracking of metrics over time via VoC and Moment of Trust CX programmes whilst offer service recovery loops
  • Customer Loyalty, relationship and emotional attachment
  • Customer Journey mapping provides the customer/user perspective at each ‘touchpoint’ the quality of experience at each touchpoint and the service expectation and relative importance of each touchpoint to the customer.  This enables us to measure which aspects of the service of the critical service indicators.
  • Overlaying operational performance with customer insights data through data fusion techniques. This help to understand the relationship between customer service/experience and organisational performance metrics such as: costs, customer retention/loss, volume of complaints, staffing/people, rework, sales/revenues, profitability/operating surpluses or staff turnover for example.