We are Plus Dane’s customer research partner

This month we start hearing from a cross-section of Plus Dane residents about their customer experience and views on their landlord. We will continue this each month over the years ahead.


Plus Dane owns over 13,500 homes in North West England. We’re working with them to hear from hundreds of residents every month, finding out what tenants and shared owners think and feel about Plus Dane. This will sit alongside transactional surveys that they are running in-house. The findings will help the landlord better understand customers and identify where opportunities for service improvement, meeting one of their long-term goals of delivering high quality products and services to their customers.

We will carry out this tracker (or ‘finger on the pulse’) survey using a combined SMS/text, email and telephone CATI data collection approaches, presenting results in an interactive dashboard. As well as core questions, Plus Dane have the option to include a new topical one every three months, ideal when regulation, policy or operations change.

These monthly tracking surveys form part of an even bigger partnership. Later this year we will run a perception survey of all their residents, using a census approach. We also anticipate other, one-off projects ahead. Watch this space!

Kate Jungnitz, Plus Dane’s Director of Customer Service, said: “We are pleased to be partnering with M·E·L who bring research expertise from both within the housing sector and beyond, giving us the best of both worlds in gaining insight from our customers.”