Social Value UK Members Exchange

On Wednesday 16th June, Research Director Adam Knight-Markiegi will be presenting as part of the Social Value UK Members Exchange, ‘An insider’s SROI evaluation: The social value of a bell ringing school’, which looks at SROI evaluations from a near-ethnographic view.


We have conducted numerous SROI evaluations that are from the point of view of an independent outsider looking in, so this talk will discuss the values, learnings and pitfalls of research conducted from the inside.

The Social Value UK Members Exchange is an annual conference that brings members together to drive innovation for the sector by discussing ideas and sharing best practices, via webinars, talks, virtual roundtables and - this year - various wellbeing activities. Key issues up for discussion include the importance of place, social value and the built environment, changes to our space during the pandemic, transparency, accountability, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and more.

Having carried out an SROI evaluation in his own time as a volunteer evaluator, Adam will be sharing the value of his experience and key lessons from this distinct project. The focus will be on the benefits of an insider’s view when evaluating activities, how the Covid pandemic has made research more flexible and the importance of verifying results.

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If you have your own SROI or social impact project that you would like to discuss, please contact Adam on 0121 604 4664 or email