Review of 0-19 and Family Services in Tameside

On behalf of the Tameside and Glossop Strategic Commission, Tameside MBC has commissioned MEL Research to carry out research and engagement to inform future re-commissioning of 0-19 services for families, children and young people. This research will support and inform what an integrated service delivery model looks like, and will ensure that the service has been co-designed with families (based on lived experiences) and local stakeholders.


Tameside and Glossop Strategic Commission is the main vehicle through which health and social care commissioning decisions are made locally. The Commission’s ‘Care Together Programme’ aims to develop an integrated system of health and social care in Tameside and Glossop, to deliver high quality services which best lead to improved health outcomes and reduced inequalities. Tameside MBC is committed to more integrated and ‘joined up’ services which better meet the needs of families and children.

This research will deliver against three strategic outcomes:

  1. To understand the experience and journeys of parents and carers, and children and young people where possible, using services
  2. For providers and partners to have collaborated on priorities and approaches, reviewed opportunities, and collectively overcome challenges
  3. To develop recommendations to inform the future model of service delivery, with consensus from partners.

We will achieve this via a mixed-methods approach involving qualitative and quantitative research and engagement with parents and carers (users and non-users of services), gathering reflective feedback from stakeholders, and will host a stakeholder collaborative workshop focusing on priorities for the future service delivery model.

We look forward to disseminating the findings of this research in due course. If you have a similar project that you would like to discuss with us, please contact Kate Owen on 0121 644 4664 or