NHSBigTea event

#NHSBigTea event

The #NHSBigTea event is well underway in celebration of the NHS’ birthday today, but we are taking a pause to celebrate some of our recent research and evaluation projects which were carried out to support the delivery and development of the NHS, whether that be in:

Primary care: https://melresearch.co.uk/casestudy/nhs-health-check-patient-journey-evaluation

Within an at home from hospital setting: https://melresearch.co.uk/casestudy/home-from-hospital-service-evaluation

Within a hospital setting: https://melresearch.co.uk/casestudy/macmillan-integrated-therapy-service-evaluation

Focused on patient and public engagement: https://melresearch.co.uk/casestudy/public-and-patient-engagement-review

Or lastly focused on traditional NHS services being delivered in innovative community settings: https://melresearch.co.uk/casestudy/bme-prostate-cancer-pilot-evaluation-nhs-nottingham-city-ccg

If you wish to discuss any of these projects in more detail or have a similar project in mind, please get in touch today.

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