Major new research project: Groundwork London HEART Evaluation

We are delighted to announce a new evaluation project that we will soon be undertaking in conjunction with Groundwork London, to evaluate the success of their HEART (Home Energy Advice Reinforced with Technology) project.


The HEART project aims to create longer sustained energy saving behaviours based on the belief that: “If you engage with people more frequently and give them a real understanding of their impacts and prompt over time, they are more likely to continue with the actions.”

Groundwork London want to understand which tools used in the HEART project are most effective in encouraging these behaviours.

The HEART project is based on Groundwork London’s Green Doctor Home Energy Visit Programme aimed at providing in-home energy advice to reduce energy bills, help keep homes warm and improve the health and wellbeing of 1,560 vulnerable households from London to the South Coast.

To achieve this, the HEART project will trial three types of digitally inclusive behaviour change technological tools into the in-home visits, so finding the most effective of these tools is key in maximising the effectiveness of the project as it progresses. The results of our evaluation will provide Groundwork London with an understanding of the project’s successes and a set of tools that they can confidently use to improve energy saving behaviours specifically for those who are more likely to be digitally excluded. In the longer term, results will help to roll out similar schemes at a national level with a finely-tuned design.

The evaluation will incorporate a co-production workshop with the Green Doctors themselves so that they can share ideas, knowledge and their experiences, to provide practical examples of how best to deliver the project moving forward.

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