LARIA Spring Webinar Series

Research Director Adam Knight Markiegi will be speaking alongside Lucie Smith, Buckinghamshire Council’s Public Health Principal, this Tuesday as part of the LARIA Spring Webinar Series 2021.


Hosted via Zoom meetings, the webinars explore the subject of ‘Battling Covid-19 using research, analysis and insight’ and involve various specialists sharing their experiences and learning. The webinars are open to all LARIA Full Individual and Corporate Members.

Adam and Lucie will be sharing insight into ‘The impact of Covid-19: the voices of less heard groups influencing public health’ based on behavioural research that was conducted by the Buckinghamshire Public Health Team and M·E·L Research, to understand the impact of the pandemic and lockdown measures on priority groups. The research, alongside resident surveys, has informed the Public Health Team’s recovery planning and ongoing Covid-19 response.

The webinar will last 20 minutes and will cover the following topics:

  • Engaging ‘hard-to-reach’ (or less heard) groups during a pandemic
  • How different groups view Covid-19 and how this translates into different approaches and different messages
  • The value of Covid-safe qualitative methods alongside traditional quantitative approaches
  • How new evidence is driving public health initiatives

For more information about the rest of the LARIA Spring Webinar Series, or to attend, visit the LARIA website: