Housing: Different views of licensing private rented properties

Adam Knight-Markiegi, Research Director at M·E·L Research, is speaking at the Housing Studies Association conference this week in Sheffield. He is talking about different views of licensing the private rented sector.

The private rented sector is becoming the default tenure for many people, whether through choice or necessity. However, problems with the tenure are rife, from squalid, cramped and crumbling properties conditions to landlord harassment and intimidation. Some areas therefore suffer from high turnover of households, so a limited community feel and magnified anti-social behaviour.

Councils have several powers to tackle these issues. Licensing private rented properties is one tool, though it’s challenged. It can raise extra funds for councils to address problems and is often supported by desperate local residents. Landlords and letting agents often see it as money-grabbing red tape. Tenants may be sympathetic, though realise it will push up their rents.

Adam’s talk will outline these different views and delve into how successful licensing schemes are in the private rented sector.

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