Customer segmentation for Leeds Federated Housing Association

Leeds Federated Housing Association, a social housing landlord with some 4,000 homes in Yorkshire, is keen to gain a deeper understanding of its customers, particularly to engage better, target services and communicate effectively.

We’re helping Leeds Fed do this with customer segmentation. This is a process of grouping tenants and shared owners with similar characteristics into distinct segments. This will give Leeds Fed a much greater understanding of their customers.

For example, do some groups move in and out of their properties more than others, leading to higher void costs? Is there a group of customers who are happy and loyal with the service provided? What’s the best way to target tenants in rent arrears, to help them pay their rent? The customer segmentation will help with these and many more questions.

We’ll be combining lots of different data sources from Leeds Fed, including demographic, behavioural (or transactional) and attitudinal data, as well as information about the properties customers live in and some external data. By pulling these together, we’ll help Leeds Fed gain that deeper understanding they’re looking for.

If you’d like to hear more about this, please contact Adam Knight-Markiegi, Research Director for Housing, on 0121 333 1968. [or do we want another route, eg via the ‘Contact us’ section on the site?]

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