Citizens Advice Oxford - Oxford Stronger Together project evaluation

We are delighted to have recently been commissioned by Citizens Advice Oxford to carry out a mid-point evaluation of the Oxford Stronger Together Project, which is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund (formerly Big Lottery Fund) Help Through Crisis Fund.


Oxford Stronger Together seeks to strengthen support for people experiencing, or at risk of, hardship crisis. The project is delivered by a collaborative partnership of eight local agencies on a number of levels: assessment, advice, casework, representation and specialist services.

The project is mid-way through its five year delivery, so the evaluation is focusing on the  project’s effectiveness and impact to date, to inform how success can be maximised for the remaining lifespan of the project.

Oxford Stronger Together needs to deliver against four high level outcomes which will be a key focus of our evaluation: Capacity Building, Prevention, Organisational Change and Participation.

Our evaluation methodology includes familiarisation with the ‘story of the project so far’, reviewing documentation and monitoring data which is informing the design of an Evaluation Framework containing the key questions that will answer the brief. We will be analysing monitoring data and carrying out primary evidence gathering with partners and wider stakeholders. As client participation is a core element of the Oxford Stronger Together project, gathering the perspectives of service users will be a key element of the evaluation.

Our evaluation findings and recommendations will provide evidence-based actionable insights for Citizens Advice Oxford, to inform the remainder of the project. 

An evaluation like this is absolutely invaluable in assuring that projects like Oxford Stronger Together are maximised to achieve their full potential. If you would like to discuss a similar project with us then please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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