Consultation on property licensing - Private Rented Housing

Newham Council wants to ensure that private rented properties in Newham offer residents a choice of good quality, safe and well managed accommodation.

After two previous rented property licensing schemes, the Council is now considering the possibility of a third scheme from 2023 onwards.

Before making a decision, Newham Council wants to hear your views about the proposal and any alternatives, whether you are a private tenant, landlord, a Newham resident or business, or someone in the surrounding areas.


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Please have your say and complete the online survey and to help with the background to the survey you may wish to read the main supporting consultation proposal and other related documents included below.


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Newham Rented Property Licensing Consultation Proposal 2021

Appendix 1 - Legal context

Appendix 2 - Proposed charges & fees

Appendix 3a - Proposed selective licence conditions

Appendix 3b - Proposed additional licence conditions

Appendix 4 - Newham Council Guidance on Accommodation Standards

Appendix 5 - Borough maps showing wards and boundaries  

Appendix 6 - Consultation data tables


More questions

If you need any further help with the consultation please contact M·E·L Research on 0800 073 0348 or