Review of Maternity Services in Sandwell and Birmingham


M·E·L Research was commissioned to undertake a review of maternity services provided in Sandwell and the Heart of Birmingham area (HoB). The purpose of the study was to inform the ongoing development of the maternity services development plan, and the future model of service delivery. The study also fits in to the wider strategic health and social care in Sandwell and HoB, in light of Right Care, Right Here and the future re-alignment of health services


The review consisted of four key stages:

  • Scoping of the key strategic issues to be explored via the review of relevant documentation and via discussion with key stakeholders
  • Consultation with 70 parents from Sandwell and HoB who have recently used maternity services, via a series of 8 chattabout sessions, designed to explore parents/parents-to-be perceptions of maternity services
  • Telephone interviews with 14 key maternity service and PCT managers and practitioners from Sandwell and HoB
  • Analysis and report of the key findings.


The study generated a wealth of data about perceptions of maternity services, which was analysed and presented around key themes from the latest Government guidance including the National Choice Guarantees. A number of presentations to different teams have helped to disseminate the findings, and the outcomes will have a real impact in informing the next stage of development of maternity services locally.