Public and patient engagement review


In 2018, four CCGs formed the Greater Nottingham Clinical Commissioning Partnership.  The new arrangements are part of the Nottingham & Notinghamshire Integrated Care System.
M·E·L Research was commissioned by the Partnership to carry out a review of public and patient engagement (PPE) and to provide recommendations for a PPE structure that would meet the needs of the new Partnership, whilst retaining local population sensitivity.

Key tasks and considerations were to:

  • identify the roles and arrangements for patient groups in the four existing CCGs and highlight good practice that could be scaled-up
  • identify the key issues, concerns and opportunities for developing a new PPE structure at the Greater Nottingham level
  • learn from the design and experience of PPE at other Integrated Care Systems and large CCGs
  • base recommendations for change on the recognised principles that underpin effective PPE
  • present conclusions, PPE options and recommendations for Greater Nottingham partners to consider.


Our review had three elements:

  • familiarisation and review of existing PPE structures and Terms of Reference across the area
  • consultation sessions with CCG patient groups in Nottingham West, Rushcliffe, Nottingham City and Nottingham North & East
  • consultation with senior members of staff and non-executive leads on PPE from the CCGs.


Our report set out our findings and conclusions, five PPE options for the Partnership to consider, and the criteria to guide the option selection process.  We presented the options to partners and helped facilitate a discussion around the selection of a preferred option.  In 2019 the Partnership began the formal process of establishing a new PPE structure for Greater Nottingham, and the findings of this review have helped to inform this process.