Moving in Greater Manchester


Resource Greater Manchester (RGM) is a partnership between WRAP and GMCA (Greater Manchester Combined Authority). Its objective is to deliver a programme that will contribute to zero waste, by improving recycling. To help achieve this objective, WRAP wanted to deliver a campaign which could address the issues with waste disposal behaviours when residents move home, by encouraging them to recycle additional waste and engage in recycling services in their new property and area. To assist them in doing this, M·E·L Research was commissioned in 2018 to identify the best times to engage with movers about recycling information and services, as well as to understand the variations between tenures, behaviours and properties.


Secondary data was collected through desk research which meant analysing published documents and reviewing previous literature about the subject matter. An online survey was circulated for the collection of primary data, aimed at residents who had moved or were going to be moving, within a 12-month period. The survey asked residents for information on their moving patterns, tenure types and attitudes towards recycling. WRAP’s segmentation model questions – also known as the ‘five golden’ questions - were used in the survey to help measure attitudes and to gain a deeper understanding of recycling behaviours. In total, 414 residents took part in the research.


The research was successful in identifying a window of opportunity which highlighted the best time to engage with movers. Using the WRAP Segmentation model, this allowed us to identify differences between how property type and tenure impacted on recycling behaviours. The outcomes of this research led to WRAP testing three communication interventions to newly allocated tenants of two housing associations.