Lambeth Council STAR Survey 2016


M·E·L Research was commissioned to undertake a Survey of Tenants and Residents (STAR) for Lambeth Housing Services (LHS) and Lambeth Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs), on behalf of Lambeth Council. M·E·L Research also carried out the last two STAR surveys in 2013 and 2014. 

In 2014, Lambeth Living was integrated into Lambeth Council and became Lambeth Housing Management, now Lambeth Housing Service. Significant effort was made by the Council to ensure a smooth transition and minimise any impact on tenants and leaseholders. The 2016 survey played an important role in understanding how the Council has performed since the integration, from residents’ point of view.


The approach involved selecting a random, stratified sample frame of Lambeth Housing Services residents, and a census of Lambeth TMO residents. This was designed to produce a sample of responses of sufficient size to allow robust analysis of the results by tenure (i.e. tenant or leaseholder) and for the combined TMO stock. 

Fieldwork was undertaken during October and November 2016. One week prior to the start of the fieldwork, an email notification was sent to all LHS residents with an email address, to promote the survey. A mailing of the questionnaire to the selected sample of residents was then sent, followed by a full reminder mailing (non-respondents only) two weeks later; this was followed by a postcard reminder to non-respondents after a further two weeks. In order to boost the response rate of LHS tenants, an email reminder was also sent in the last week of the fieldwork to non-respondents who have an email address, to encourage participation. Overall 2,998 responses were achieved (margin of error +/- 1.7%).


The survey results show that residents of LHS and Lambeth TMOs are significantly more satisfied compared to 2014. Key driver analysis and GIS maps were provided to identify areas for service improvement. A presentation was also delivered to Lambeth’s Senior Management Team to highlight the key findings and recommendations.