Healthy Child Programme Consultation


In 2019 M·E·L Research was commissioned by Walsall Council to carry out a research project to inform the development of the future Healthy Child Programme in Walsall.. 

The Healthy Child Programme has four elements: Health in Pregnancy Service, Health Visitors, School Nurses, and the Teenage Pregnancy Service. 

The Healthy Child Programme focuses on the support and development of children and young people aged 0-19 and their families, by providing quality services that facilitate good health and wellbeing.

Walsall Council was keen to ensure that the views of parents, parents-to-be and young people play a key role in informing what the future Healthy Child Programme service should look like, and commissioned a piece of research which would provide this evidence base.


To provide Walsall Council with a broad cross section of experiences and perceptions, we carried out a combination of qualitative group discussions and short interviews in at least 15 local settings. 

At these settings we consulted with approximately 80 parents, parents-to-be and young people over a three week period. We collated and analysed the key findings, and prepared a headline report for Walsall Council.


Our consultation report synthesised the key findings under each of the service elements of the Healthy Child Programme and identified cross-cutting issues raised across the whole Programme.

The intelligence and insight gathered will help to inform service improvements in the future commissioning and delivery of the Healthy Child Programme in Walsall.