Golding Homes STAR resident satisfaction survey


Golding Homes owns and manages 7,400 properties in and around Maidstone. Like many housing associations and council housing departments, it carries out regular customer satisfaction surveys. In 2018, we were commissioned to carry out a survey of tenants and residents (STAR), to understand resident satisfaction with their homes and the services Golding Homes provides.


We helped Golding Homes design the questionnaire to ask enough questions but not too many to put off residents from replying. For example, we had one questionnaire for tenants and another for shared owners and leaseholders, so residents found the survey easy to follow.

We emailed residents first with a link to an online survey,followed by a postal survey. We received an impressive 1,200+ responses and a margin of error of ±2.1%.

As well as standard counts and percentages, we showed sub-group analysis to pull out particular groups who were more or less satisfied, using statistical tests to show significant differences. We also carried out a key driver analysis to show what influenced overall satisfaction and mapped the data using GIS.

As well as the full report, we included an infographic summary that pulled out the key results visually, in an easy to grasp way. Presenting to their senior management team highlighted where they were perfoming well and where they needed to improve services.


As well as benchmarking core questions, it’s always great to hear the personal feedback from residents. Here are two examples:

“This is my first ever home and I absolutely love it and feel so grateful. I feel that Golding Homes really helped me feel comfortable when I was anxious about moving from my mum’s to my own place. Thank you.”

“Just really grateful for providing me with a lovely home and great service. It's the one thing that does make me happy.”