Engagement Framework Pilot Evaluation - NHS Nottingham City CCG


In 2016 M·E·L Research was commissioned by NHS Nottingham City CCG to carry out a concurrent evaluation of an innovative Engagement Framework Pilot. The strategic evaluation aims were to support future funding for this type of engagement approach, and to identify implications for scale-ability of the engagement approach for the Greater Nottingham Clinical Commissioning Partnership.

The Pilot was funded from October 2016 to March 2018, and the Engagement Framework had three elements with in: The People’s Council (comprising representatives of local VCS organisations and Patient Leaders); Patient Leadership Programme; and Community Partners Framework. The evaluation objectives were to make a qualitative judgement about the extent the engagement model provided value for money, and to demonstrate the impact of the model on:

  • the quality of engagement undertaken by the CCG
  • CCG decision making and commissioning activities
  • the CCG’s understanding of the health needs of the population.


We carried out the evaluation in two phases: a formative phase to identify learning and inform Year 2 of the Pilot; and a final summative phase up to April 2018. Our evaluation was mixed-method comprising the following elements:

  • Familiarisation and extensive documentation review
  • Design of an Evaluation Framework to shape the analysis and reporting
  • Attendance at, and observations of, The People’s Council meetings and King’s Fund Patient Leadership Programme sessions as the Pilot progressed
  • Mixed-methods consultation with Patient Leaders and VCS members of The People’s Council
  • A range of stakeholder interviews and discussions


We provided an interim formative report in July 2017 to inform Year 2 of the Pilot, and a final summative report in 2018 focusing on impact and effectiveness of the Pilot and the key learning from the Engagement Framework approach. The report included implications for scale-ability for the Greater Nottingham Clinical Commissioning Partnership.