About M·E·L Research

M·E·L Research is one of the UK’s leading social research and behavioural insights consultancies. We are lucky to work with clients across a variety of public service areas and help them understand peoples’ views and behaviours. Whether that’s to understand how to persuade residents to recycle more; to evaluate the impact of a health service on patients’ behaviour and lifestyle, or to provide insight to help clients improve their services and get the most value for money from their squeezed budgets.

M·E·L Research stands for measurement, evaluation and learning. These are 3 key principles that we adopt across our research and evaluation projects. We measure views and opinions; we evaluate what they are telling us about how well a client, project or service is performing; and we help them learn how improvements or changes can be made.

With over 30 years’ experience of working across key areas of the public services arena, we can help clients with their social research and behavioural insights needs. To find out more about our key specialisms, please visit our 'Sectors' page.

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